Brooke Nevils is an American Journalist, television producer and former NBC News employee that is alleging Matt Lauer anally raped her in his hotel room at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.  Variety obtained a copy of Ronan Farrow’s new book “Catch and Kill” where he interviews Nevils who describes the incident in detail. Nevils’ complaint was the catalyst to Lauer being fired as co-anchor of the “Today” show in 2017. NBC had kept her identity and the details of the allegations silent until now.  Per Variety:  Once she was back in his hotel room, “Lauer — who was wearing a T-shirt and boxers — pushed her against the door and kissed her. He then pushed her onto the bed, ‘flipping her over, asking if she liked anal sex,’ Farrow writes. ‘She said that she declined several times.'”  According to Farrow’s book, she allegedly “was in the midst of telling him she wasn’t interested again when he “just did it,” Farrow adds, “Lauer, she said, didn’t use lubricant. The encounter was excruciatingly painful. ‘It hurt so bad. I remember thinking, Is this normal?’ She told me she stopped saying no, but wept silently into a pillow.”  When Lauer asked if she liked it, she allegedly told him yes. She then tells Farrow that “she bled for days,” following the incident.  Nevils graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a double major in political science and the Writing Seminars. She was a TV producer at NBC working at 30 Rockefeller Plaza until 2018 when she went on “medical leave” after leaving NBC and allegedly receiving a seven-figure payout from them.  She’s billed as a producer on several high profile shows for NBC including “Headliners”, “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?”, and “Royal Wedding Watch”  According to Variety, “A representative for Lauer did not immediately respond to Variety’s request for comment. NBC News declined to comment.”  Here’s what you need to know: 1. She Allegedly Had Sex with Lauer Several More Times but Claims It Was “Completely Transactional”    After the incident at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Nevils allegedly continued her relationship with Lauer. “Sources close to Lauer emphasized that she sometimes initiated contact,” Farrow writes, according to Variety. “What is not in dispute is that Nevils, like several of the women I’d spoken to, had further sexual encounters with the man she said assaulted her.”  “This is what I blame myself most for,” Nevils tells Farrow in an interview “It was completely transactional. It was not a relationship.”  Nevils allegedly continued her relationship with Lauer because she was intimidated by the power he held over her career. She also claims she told “like a million people” about her encounter with Lauer including her colleagues and superiors at NBC.  Nothing was done about the incident until 2017 when the “#metoo movement” led her “Today” show colleagues to ask about Lauer and urge her to report the incident to NBC. 2. After Reporting Her Complaint, Nevils’ Work Life Became “Torture” Brooke N

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