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Super Saturday: MPs back Brexit deal delay

2 час. назад

Not Super Saturday but Souffle Saturday quipped one MP - as instead of triumphantly passing the deal, Brexiters were sent home deflated. Subscribe: ...

Brexit debate LIVE: Super Saturday in Parliament

5 час. назад

Parliament sits on a Saturday to debate Boris Johnson's Brexit deal in a historic day for British politics. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe) #Brexit ...

Catalonia protesters bring Barcelona to standstill

1 дн. назад

Hundreds of thousands of people have brought the Spanish city of Barcelona to a standstill today after a general strike was announced. It's the fifth day of ...

Boris Johnson facing crunch vote on Brexit deal on Super Saturday

1 дн. назад

Conservative Brexiteers are overwhelmingly backing the deal as it allows Britain, but not Northern Ireland, a more distant Canada-style relationship with the EU.

Brutality, betrayal and the Northern Irish borderlands

1 дн. назад

On the evening of the 17th September, Kevin Lunney, a father of six, left work at Quinn Industrial Holdings. QIH is one of Northern Ireland's biggest and most ...

What can we expect from a Brexit general election?

1 дн. назад

This week we speak to two people who have worked closely on previous elections as we look to the general election looming in front of us. (Subscribe: ...

Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal explained - but will it get through parliament?

2 дн. назад

The Prime Minister came to Brussels today hailing his Brexit deal as "excellent". But while he might have secured a new Withdrawal Agreement from Europe, the ...

Boris Johnson Press Conference as Brexit deal agreed

2 дн. назад

Prime Minister Boris Johnson gives a press conference after agreeing a new Brexit deal with the EU. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe) #Brexit ...

EU announces Brexit deal has been agreed with Boris Johnson | Full Press Conference

2 дн. назад

The EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, holds a press conference as a new Brexit deal is announced. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe) ...

Brexit deal hangs in balance ahead of key EU summit

3 дн. назад

The attempt to reach a Brexit deal before tomorrow's European summit is going down to the wire. Boris Johnson told Conservative MPs that it was like climbing ...

Turkey’s Erdogan defiant in face of international condemnation

3 дн. назад

Donald Trump has described his decision to withdraw American troops from Syria as "strategically brilliant", declaring that the Kurds he had abandoned were ...

New IRA says border infrastructure would be ‘legitimate target for attack'

3 дн. назад

In an interview with Channel 4 News, the New IRA said it was committed to 'armed actions' against border infrastructure – and 'the people who are manning ...

Naomi Klein on Extinction Rebellion, the Green New Deal and fast fashion

3 дн. назад

Naomi Klein is a Canadian author, social activist and filmmaker. She has recently released her latest book 'On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal', ...

Booker winners Margaret Atwood and Bernadine Evaristo on the state of the world

4 дн. назад

Last night the Booker Prize was awarded to not one, but two authors - with the judges disobeying the rules and awarding the prize jointly to Margaret Atwood ...

Syria: Kids in Idlib scavenge for food

4 дн. назад

As the Turkish offensive continues on the north-east border of Syria, over in the west of the country, Idlib is still living in fear of bombardment by President ...

Brexit: Hopes rise for Brexit deal amid frantic negotiations

4 дн. назад

If the optimistic mood music emanating from Brussels is to be believed, a draft Brexit deal could be published as early as tomorrow. (Subscribe: ...

UK bans new arms sales to Turkey amid war crimes claims

4 дн. назад

WARNING: Some viewers may find some image distressing. The UN has warned that Turkey could be "deemed responsible" for alleged summary executions ...

Queen’s Speech: programme for government or election manifesto launch?

5 дн. назад

All the pomp and pageantry you'd expect was rolled out this morning for the Queen's Speech, intended to set out the government's plans for the coming session.

Syrian forces move into Kurdish-held territory as Turkish offensive continues

5 дн. назад

Syrian troops have begun moving into Kurdish-held territory in the country's north east, as Turkey and its allies continue their offensive, insisting they are ...

Nicola Sturgeon: 'the case for Scottish independence has never been more compelling'

6 дн. назад

In Aberdeen the Scottish National Party is meeting against the backdrop of a highly critical moment in the Brexit negotiations, amid Conservative talk of ...

'Hundreds' with suspected links to ISIS escape Syria camp

6 дн. назад

It's reported hundreds of women and children with suspected links to Islamic State have escaped from a camp in northern Syria. (Subscribe: ...