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Stock Market Investing - They Just Don't Know So Don't Emulate

53 мин. назад

Beginners in the stock market make a huge mistake doing this! I plan on using dividends to retire early and I have made this mistake far to many times as an ...

$123,500 Dividend Stock Portfolio - Continues Higher This Week

1 дн. назад

My dividend stock portfolio just hit all time highs again this week pushing over $123000 with no contributions accept the dividends equalling $5607 annually!

1 Million Dollar Student Loan - The Unfortunate Few

2 дн. назад

Currently just over a hundred people in America carry over a million dollars in student loan debt! Today we read the story of one of these unfortunate few who ...

Tesla Stock - Why I Am Buying More

3 дн. назад

Tesla stock is starting to push all time highs on it's up coming release of cybertruck pickup & it's first built cars in china!! I currently have invested $3200 in TSLA ...

Real Estate Canada - Condos or Residential?

4 дн. назад

Real estate in Canada is becoming a complicated investment! Vancouver & Toronto had an exploding condo market leading investors to push further away from ...

$122,480 Stock Portfolio - Sold SBUX & MMM To Buy?

6 дн. назад

My 6 figure stock portfolio just hit all time highs with a current dividend of $5638 annually! Well it's up I am balancing my positions for the highest potential of ...

Disney Stock - Why I Am Not Buying It

6 дн. назад

Investing in Disney stock comes at future risk with there newer investments in fox, star wars, Marvel & extremely focused Disney plus streaming service!

Apple Stock & The Rat Race To Passive Income

1 нед. назад

Today Apple stock hit all time highs up 65% this month!! We are also gona discuss the downside to the rat race mind set! Special Patreon Perks ...

Lost $200,000 Shorting Apple Stock

1 нед. назад

Loosing an intire inheritence stock market trading - Today we review a live stream of a $200000 short trade against Apple stock on its earnings! Special Patreon ...

Uber Stock Crash - My Opinion On Uber Earnings

1 нед. назад

Uber is expected profitability by 2021 but can they continue the growth rate and could self driving be a competitor! Special Patreon Perks ...

$120,000 Dividend Stock Portfolio - Generate Money Passively

1 нед. назад

Today my dividend stock portfolio hit $120000 dripping $5592 a 4.6% Yield! I would love your opinion on my stock picks! Special Patron Perks ...

How long does it take to make money on Youtube

1 нед. назад

How long did it take me to get monetized & start making money on youtube? I am sharing all the tips behind getting your channel to monetization!

Zoom Video Communications - ZM Stock Review

2 нед. назад

ZM stock is a fastly growing communication company with video chat services similar to skype or whats app. Today we analyse there business and company ...

My Stock Market Trading History

2 нед. назад

Every stock trade I ever made, Reviewing 5 years of stock market investing trade orders! Special Patron Perks https://www.patreon.com/user?u=16261829 This ...

6 Figure Dividend Stock Portfolio - 3Q Earnings Season

2 нед. назад

With an annual dividend of $5575 my stock portfolio pushes all time highs on this 3Q earnings season. In this video will analyze where my entire stock portfolio ...

Top Performing Stocks 2019

2 нед. назад

Top 10 best performing stocks of 2019 - 5 best Canadian stocks & 5 best US stocks of the year, do you own these? Special Patron Perks ...

Virgin Galactic Stock

2 нед. назад

Virgin Galactic Stock IPO was October 28, 2019 Ticker SPCE - Is This space travel stock worth the investment? Lets break it ...

My Dividend Invesmtent Journey

2 нед. назад

Dividend investing will not make you a happier person but it has taken me down a path that has changed my life!! Special Patreon Perks ...

$1,250 Dividend Stock Purchase - Canadian REIT With 5.5% Yield

3 нед. назад

As I continue to adjust my dividend stock portfolio, today I sold a small position in bank of nova scotia to buy https://riocan.com/ This gives me a very small started ...

My Dividend Stock Portfolio - For Passive Income

3 нед. назад

My dividend stock portfolio hit all time highs today!! This is due to earnings & growth amongst my individual stock holdings we will analyse today! Special ...

Dividend History

3 нед. назад

Dividend History - Tips & tools to better analyse a potential dividend stock purchase! https://www.marketbeat.com/ Special Patreon Perks ...